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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Make spoof call / fake call / any number to any number

Make spoof call / fake call / any number to any number

Caller id spoofing :

Hi Guys today again I am back with a new bang trick to fool your friends.....

This is one of my favorite concept i thought not to post but cant resist saying about this trick i think many people like to call their friends with their friends caller id ( through their friends number) right now iam showing such a sort of thing to make a spoof call there are many websites like spooftel but the thing is you need to have some bucks with u!!but try the website which i show.....
lets see how to do:

1) open

2) select ur country

3) enter caller id the number what u wanna display(ur friends number let it be my number for example)

4)enter the number whom u want to call (say ur girl friend number)

5)after entering the number you should click get me a code

6)you will see two things a number and a code

7)call the number what is shown through your mobile

8)you will hear a beep sound later u will get connected they will ask something like code

9)i already told u guys that u will be provided a code

10)now enter the code and you will be connected

**you can even change the pitch of voice if u cant speak or act like mee**

Still wat you wanna read just go and enjoy the trick and have fun.................!!!!!!!!!

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its not working today bro...

Is there any other site like this? coz this is not working...

Guys now this Site is not working.. But Soon I will give you latest update on this

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