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Thursday, April 5, 2012

FLUX : How to protect eyes while using Computer or Laptop

FLUX How to protect eyes while using Computer or Laptop

Today I am going to tell you the heights of computing technologies. Previously, we used anti-glare screens to protect our eyes while working on computer and laptop; but now, we have got some fantastic software which are capable of protecting our eyes and we even get rid of that screens.

How is it useful: We have busy life now-a-days. We get free time mostly in night and usinglaptop and computer at night is tiresome job, if not for us then for our eyes, surely it is a tiresome work. Our eyes get tired due to looking on screen for long hours. It also causes eye problems in long run. But talking about the absolute problems, we sleep till late and after waking up, we feel sleepy and have less concentration on work.

I am going to tell you solution.

Solution is to use flux - a software to protect eyes. "it makes the color of your computer's display adapt to the time of day, warm at night and like sunlight during the day."

flux actually maintain the color balance of your screen automatically according to the time of day. After installing it, you just have to set your position on globe (latitude and longitude). It is required as f.lux uses this data to get sunrise and sunset timing for your location. And use these timings to balance the color. This all happens automatically and you need not even know this. Just download software and install it and then set your location. And you are set to protect your eyes and concentrate more on your work even if you watched a movie late night on your laptop.

Does it really work: Of course, it really works. I am using it from some time and I mustadmit, my eyes have stopped paining even if I work whole night. Try it yourself!

Download F.LUX Directly it from HERE

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