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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Official Certified Ethical Hacker Study Guide

Official Certified Ethical Hacker Study Guide

 Kimberly Graves, CEH, CWSP, CWNP, CWNA, has over 15 years of IT experience. She is founder of Techsource Network Solutions, a network and security consulting organization located in the Washington, DC area. She has served as subject matter expert for several certification programs-including the Certified Wireless Network Professional (CWNP) and Intel Certified Network Engineer programs-and has developed course materials for the Department of Veteran Affairs, USAF, and the NSA.The Certified Ethical Hacker exam is quickly becoming one of the most popular security certifications offered today. Candidates much prove their ability in not only identifying security risks from all levels, but also how to address those risks. This book provides a concise, easy to follow approach to this difficult exam.

the contents are as follow..

Chapter 1:     Introduction to Ethical Hacking, Ethics, and Legality
Chapter 2:     Footprinting and Social Engineering
Chapter 3:     Scanning and Enumeration
Chapter 4:     System Hacking
Chapter 5:     Trojans, Backdoors, Viruses, and Worms
Chapter 6:     Sniffers
Chapter 7:     Denial of Service and Session Hijacking
Chapter 8:     Hacking Web Servers, Web Application Vulnerabilities,and Web-Based Password Cracking Techniques
Chapter 9:     SQL Injection and Buffer Overflows
Chapter 10:   Wireless Hacking
Chapter 11:   Physical Security
Chapter 12:   Linux Hacking 177
Chapter 13:   Evading IDSs, Honeypots, and Firewalls
Chapter 14:   Cryptography
Chapter 15:   Penetration Testing Methodologies

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